CEO HK Interns


Columbia University’s Center for Career Education (CCE) will, no doubt, post on its website photos of Columbia Experience Overseas HK interns who look like they’re having way more funthan anyone has a human right to by being treated to free Cantonese food and an open bar at an upscale bar/lounge. (You know Philia Lounge will be a nice place even before you go because of its website. There’s no way a bar that’s not doing well is going to deck out its website with Adobe Flash and eerie techno music.) But here are some additional flattering pictures of the CEO contingent.

Observe the twinkle in the eyes and the tight, two-handed clutches on the bottles. They are seriously looking forward to pounding down the contents.
Eugene loves his jellyfish
Hilary and Daniel look on in a mixture of horror and wonder as Eugene wolfs down some slimy jellyfish
Eugene is still processing it.
Nishi always cracks up at my jokes, even the cheesy ones.
Note how Anuj is still not smiling.
CEOs chilling in Lan Kwai Fong, a rowdy ex-pat haunt filled with business men seeking ethanoic release and drunken Aussies.
Daniel always plans world domination while riding escalators.
NTT removed the table soon after.
CEOs break tables. This one was the work of a self-titled artist