Hong Kong Oddities


Living for a month in any one place really lets you discover its little idiosyncracies and oddities. I present to you some of HK’s below.

I have had to fill out dozens of these, and I doubt if the government will use them at all.
The SARS epidemic hit the HK economy pretty hard, and ever since then the city has taken stringent precautions to prevent widespread illnesses.

Vegetarian fail
China: one of the worst places in the world to be a vegetarian.

Disappointment ensued when we were served the chicken on a plate instead on in a bucket.
Mmm, bucket.

Of course, I save the best for last. G.O.D. is a Hong Kong store that sells furniture and clothes and all types of other kitschy stuff. It tries to adapt some Chinese traditions into fashion and accessories. They sell mens’ drawers in plastic containers…very anatomically accurate and detailed plastic containers.

And what should I not delay anymore?