Shiny Social Bookmarking Buttons


Those of you who are returning visitors of this blog, yes, I am talking to all three of you out there, might notice something different here today. I’m not talking about any overhauls in the design or the layout. Hell, I’m not even talking about the content. As you can see, it’s still the same derivative drivel, hastily conceived and ill-thought out.

I’m talking about the shiny social bookmarking buttons at the bottom of the post. If the New York Times has them installed on their website, I can’t go wrong, right?

Go ahead, scroll down. Let your mouse glide over them. See them flicker on as your mouse hovers over. Feel that tiny bit of personal satisfaction at having made a 16-pixel-by-16-pixel portion of your screen light up. Then check out the “Share” button. Click it, click the downwards arrow at the bottom of the box, and be overwhelmed with the number of social bookmarking websites that exist – more than you could ever imagine or even begin to care about.

Just for kicks, you should try them out. Post this entry on Facebook. Twitter it. Mark it on Delicious. Stumble It with a thumbs up. Yours truly would be much obliged.

If you haven’t noticed the new, huge RSS feed button on the top of the left sidebar, notice it now. It’s there so that your already hectic existence can be bombarded with more nonsense. You need to click this button like you need to have a Candiru swim up your urethra. Except this kind of nonsense doesn’t try to pretend it’s better, and best of all, I’m not trying to sell you anything.