Why You Should Watch Oldboy


Oldboy is not for the faint of heart. The film’s plot is bizarre, but its acting and screenplay are powerful. Just make sure you watch it when you’re in a good mood and don’t mind being emotionally jarred.

It starts off strangely enough with the main character Oh Dae-Su holding onto a suicidal man about to teeter off the edge of a building by his tie. Flashback to a police station where a drunk Oh Da -Su is being held. Before you know it, he’s locked up in some nasty dungeon. There’s no context or explanation. After 15 long years of imprisonment, Oh Dae-Su has five days for payback.

This is a revenge movie. It’s a story about how two men’s quest for revenge leaves them either dead or wish they were dead. But it’s also a story about spiritual salvation. It is an allegory of “an icy rather than fiery vision of hell,” according to one critic.

There’s a disgusting scene where the main character eats a live octopus whole – its tentacles squirming as he inhales it down his throat. There’s a scene where one man has his teeth extracted one by one with the claw end of a hammer.

Captivating story line, beautiful cinematography, weird-as-fuck turn of events, amazing acting, and a haunting ending scene.