Columbia Students Forget Their Sanity


Columbia University’s Dean of Student Advising sent an e-mail with “unsolicited advice” today:

  1. Take care of yourself. Sleep, eat healthy foods, take a ten-minute walk every once in a while, find some roses to smell.
  2. If the stress is getting to you, try working together with your friends to take care of one another.
  1. You can always seek help through the Alice! Health Promotion Program and other campus resources.
  2. Remember who you are and what you value in your life.
  3. If you feel that you cannot take an examination because of illness or other things going on in your life, report immediately to University Health Services or contact your advising dean.
  4. If you run into difficulties of any sort, see your advising dean as soon as possible. We are here to help.

Do Columbia students need to be reminded to be sane human beings? What does it mean if we need to be reminded of this?