Chinese Government Blocked Me, France Too


A friend sent my ever-useful Cantonese pick-up lines post to his cousin in Beijing. Unfortunately, his cousin cannot view it. Damn firewall of China! To make sure it was blocked instead of an outdated browser problem I checked for myself. Sure enough, this blog’s restricted in China.

You can check for yourself here, here, and here.

The last two links I posted above to check access to my blog show it’s also censored in Lille, France. China I get, but France? If anybody can explain that, please do. And for that cousin in Beijing, just tell him to use a virtual private network, like Hotspot Shield, and tunnel right through that firewall.

I recommend Hotspot for travelers to mainland China and employees who want to surf porn at work and keep their jobs. China blocks websites like Youtube, some Mandarin Wikipedia pages, Facebook, and WordPress.