Citibank’s Advice to Women: Part 3


This is an ongoing story. For part 1, go here. For part 2, here.

Nearly a week after Dealbreaker published the laminated card of “top 10 things” “women do to sabotage their careers,” the blogosphere is still chatting about it, and traffic to my blog is still surprisingly strong. Being linked by the below sites probably helped a tad bit.

Dr. Lois Frankel states in her post:

  1. Citibank would never tell its female employees to act like men.
  2. Her book Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office tells women to behave more like “appropriate adult females” and less like “nice girls.”
  3. “The tops ten tips [sic] to which they refer are indeed mine (although in paraphrasing they included some grammatical errors not attributable to me), but out of context they don’t make sense.
  4. Being “nice” is necessary for both sexes but not sufficient for success.”
  5. “The rules are different for men and women in the workplace — and women need to understand those rules if they want to compete successfully. Kudos to Citibank for helping women in this regard.”

Dr. Frankel personally sent me an e-mail offering to mail me a free copy of her book so that I can read it for myself.

My blog got no love before September 9

More silly links to my blog:

  • BuzzFeed where
    • maggie commented
      “I have this book (note the source, from where these suggestions are taken) but it’s one thing to read it privately, for personal improvement, and another to have this sent around HR and fwded to female employees.”
    • and Joy V. said
      “Men at work I don’t take seriously-
      The Fantasy Football guy
      The guy who [is] constantly adjusting his balls
      The I’ve been to 5 Jimmy Buffet concerts in 2 years guy
      The Trekie Kirk > Picard guy
      The Hipster I haven’t shaved in 8 months guy
      The I play Pokeman during lunch guy, being Korean does not give you pass on this
      last but not least – The WoW guy.”
  • Reddit where
    • jbddit criticized
      “Innovation in a corporate setting is “bending the rules and getting away with it.” Funny how this is a list of ways to reinforce the status quo of mannerisms and behavior that is alienating to some.”

Over the past week, I’ve been surprised as to how many sites linked and gave credit (or covered their asses) for the my photo and original post. Perhaps this bodes well for more business-like endeavors. E.g. how can news sites that provide quality journalism like the New York Times, online advertisers, and readers build a fair ecosystem where revenue and credit is shared equitably among all stakeholders?