I Heard Reconstructive Surgery Is Quite Expensive These Days


12:37 PM on AIM

Friend:so i have a great drunk story for you lol
Me: hi
Friend: hi david lol
Me: yes? do tell
Friend: well i’m pretty sure i broke my foot. lol
Friend: like i’m STILL hobbling in my friends apartment
Me: “pretty sure”?

Friend: so i woke up at 11 am this morning in my friends apartment off campus lol
Me: i hope you remember how you got there
Friend: because my friend had to piggyback me all the way here cause i couldnt walk lol
Friend: but yeah i thought i was like just really drunk
Friend: and the pain was like …extreme because i was drunk
Friend: but no, it hurts just as bad as last night
Friend: lol
Friend: and i’m hobbling in a desk chair with wheels in my friends apartment as a make shift wheel chair lol
Me: that is not good
Me: how did this happen? did you get in a fight with a street lamp?
Friend: but its hilarious lol
Friend: no i tripped drunkenly HAHAHa
Me: i hope you are okay
Me: i also hope you have health insurance
Friend: lol i do, luckily
Friend: haha
Friend: so even if i hobble in crutches i wont suffer with money
Me: i dunno. i heard reconstructive surgery is quite expensive these days
Me: how are you getting home?
Friend: my friend’s dad is picking her up anyway for home
Friend: so he’s gonna take me with them and mymom will pick me up from her house lol