Why Being John Malkovich Is Most Bizarre Movie I’ve Seen


Being John Malkovich is one of the most bizarre movies I’ve ever seen. It’s the story of a couple who compete over traveling into John Malkovich’s head in order to use his body for sex with a callous woman with whom they’re both irrationally in love. Craig Schwartz starts out as an unemployed  pupeteer who’s married to pet store owner Lotte. At the nadir of this unhealthy love triangle is Craig and Lotte’s love, Maxine, Craig’s female colleague at his new job.

One day Craig discovers a tunnel behind a filing cabinet in his office at Lestercorp, a filing services company located on the 7½ floor of a New York office building. This tunnel transports a person into Malkovich’s and allows him or her to see whatever the actor sees for 15 minutes before falling out of the sky into a ditch on the side of the New Jersey Turnpike. Maxine turns the tunnel into a lucrative business by charging strangers $200 to experience being Malkovich.

Craig soon finds a way to stay inside and control Malkovich indefinitely, no doubt because of his uncanny puppeteering skills. This is a problem for a mysterious group of centenarians who plan on using Malkovich’s body as a vessel to delay their impending deaths.

So watch the movie. It’s so absurd that scenes involving violence, marital infidelity, and even grotesque, frizzly hair become hilarious. If you can tease out some greater meaning to the movie, please post it below.