Boulder, CO Update; Heated Bathroom Floors and Sex Trivia


During my stay in Boulder, Colorado, I’m living at a private residence that James and I found listed on Airbnb. It’s a nice house. I’m sitting at a bistro table eating organic golden potatoes I just cooked.

I originally had some reservations/apprehensions about the hostess with whom I’m staying. I thought that James and I would have the entire two-story suburban house to ourselves. I thought rich people who wanted some extra income from their Cape Cod beach-front vacation house in which they stayed for a month out of the entire year were the ones to put up listings. But after watching Airbnb’s about video I realize it’s perfectly fine for them to stay while they rent it out.

So why would I have reservations about the hostess? She contacted James one morning several days before we arrived. We had stayed up late working, so even though she called at 10AM Eastern time which was noon Boulder time, James was still in bed. He couldn’t remember what she said to him exactly. He only remembered her distinctive first name “Lovedy.” James naturally Googles her name and finds out she’s a interior designer.

Here’s a video of her explaining her business.

And here’s a more personal side of Lovedy during one of her excursions to the Big Apple. She’s having fun pretending to be an assassin.

Yup. I found this second video very interesting. Things could either turn out very good or very bad. One of my friends told me before I left, “David, I’d better see a blog update from you every once in a while. Otherwise, I’m going to call the authorities and notify them and your parents of your impending if not already-happened demise.”

Well, here’s an update from me in Boulder saying that everything is alright. In fact, they’re more than alright. Lovedy is a fantastic hostess. She’s got her own unique personality, a bit of which you saw in that video, and her idiosyncrasies. But don’t we all? And no, I haven’t been biased by her generous libations of champagne yesterday evening or the fact that after driving me to get groceries and Thai take-out, she did my dishes after I finished eating. Well, maybe I’m biased just a tad.

Here’s a list of some of the things in Lovedy’s house:

  • lots of wooden carvings of angels/cherubs in her kitchen
  • Michele, an American eskimo dog who’s easily excited
  • a pair of Finches
  • a half bathroom on the first floor with marble tiles and a floor that can be heated to over 80 degrees with the flick of a switch (walking on this bathroom barefoot in the middle of the night makes me want to curl up and sleep on the bathroom floor)
  • a book in her living room titled Erotica Universalis volume II – a collection of drawings/artworks of nudes throughout history
  • Sex Smarts – cards filled with carnal trivia. Here’s one: “Which of these is not a sexual position? A. The Nail B. The Wheelbarrow C. The Crab D. The Curve”

That’s all for now. I’ll try to post more soon, but the weather’s beautiful out here and the scenery of the Rocky Mountains in the East are amazing. The stoned teenagers hobbling out of UC Boulder are not so scenic. Hm, these sex trivia cards are quite interesting. I think I’m going to peruse them for a while.