Charting My Netflix Usage and Realizing How Much Life I’ve Wasted


I got bored so I graphed the amount of time I’ve spent watching Netflix.

Okay. Now some Photoshop commentary.

Here’s a chart of my friend.

Here’s the same data grouped by week and plotted with a line for better readability.

So at least one of us is getting better. Now some quick stats. I watched 4.7 days worth of Netflix over a span of 88 days. So I spent 5.39% of that time in a televisual-induced vegetative state. My friend has spent 17.9 continuous days watching Netflix over a span of 898 days, ie 2% of the total time. So while my friend has watched more overall, I’ve gone on a harder speed binge than he has. But judging by the recent spike in his Netflix usage, he might claim the title if he keeps going.


Netflix subscribers can see their entire viewing history online. These records state the show watched, date, and duration. I copy/pasted this into Excel and hoped that with a couple of minutes I’d have some sexy looking graphs. Unfortunately, Netflix seems to get the duration completely wrong a quarter of the time. On closer inspection, Netflix shows how much of a show you’ve watched if you search for that show and go to it’s page. For example, if you’ve watched 30 minutes of an hour-long program, the bar will state 30/60 minutes completed.

So I went through nearly 800 records manually checking the correctness of duration. With the hard part done, I grouped time-watched into distinct days. SInce my friend’s viewing history spanned more than two years, I grouped his time into weeks.

This was somewhat inspired by this story of Netflix video streaming accounting for 22.2% share of North American Internet traffic. Post your graphs of your Netflix-induced comas below.