A Description of the Wellesley Weston Magazine


For several years now, the residents of my hometown of Wellesley, Massachussetts have received free copies of the Wellesley Weston Magazine once a quarter. The nearly 200-page, glossy, full-color magazine is printed on luxoriously thick paper. The magazine features articles about local charitable organizations, individuals, and events but is mostly advertisements. The 182-page spring 2011 edition has a editorial-to-ad ratio of about 1:2. I’m not an avid reader of the Wellesley Weston Magazine, but I think the magazine speaks a lot about the towns.

A large porportion of the ads are real estate listings or any of the various services associated with owning and maintaining a McMansion. The second page is a Coldwell Banker brokerage ad. It’s followed by a Williams & Spade interior design ad. Then there’s a table of contents page followed by home listings ranging from $1 million to nearly $7 million.

There’s an article titled “10 Tips for Adding Variety to Your Workout Routine.” It recommends trying out pilates, zumba, or getting a personal trainer at various Wellesley/Weston clubs and fitness centers. There’s a section with news briefs about the two towns’ people places, and businesses. There’s one about how Ms. So-and-So “of Centry 21 Commonwealth was honored recently at the Centry 21 Top Agent Retreat held at the Atlantis Paradise Island resort in the Bahamas.”

An ad for luxury watches with a black and white photo of a father holding a watch open in his hands and displaying it towards his 10-year-old-looking son who’s wearing white gloves and a magnifying monocle.

For a closer look at the magazine, just go to their website.