How to Write a 1920s Party Invitation


My friend Jonny is a time traveler from the Roaring Twenties. Today he taught me how to write a party invitation if I ever found myself in the Jazz Age.

You are invited…

Listen up you swell flyboys and Jane’s!

It’s an old-fashioned speak-easy, so bring your bootleg and giggle water. We’re looking for the finest dolls…you know a choice bit of calico but none of those dumb Doras. Don’t forget to be on the lookout for squirrels, we don’t need the law getting an earful of the fun.

I’ve got to scram for now, but this carousing is sure to be a cat’s meow.

Get ups: Fellas – A flat cap or fedora. Dolls – Cloche hat and bobbed hair

Address: The Gin Mill, or as some other fellas style it, 200 Oak Avenue Apt. 12, New York City

Time: Past sunset but ahead of the small hours, or as you flappers say, 10:30 PM