Why I Hate Shopping for Clothes


I hate shopping for clothes not because I don’t like seeing what’s new at stores or because I don’t care about what I wear. I hate it because searching for clothes that fit me in American stores is nearly impossible. My measurements are:

  • neck: 14.5″
  • chest: 38″
  • sleeve: 32.5″
  • waist: 28″
  • inseam: 30″

No store sells 28-inch waist pants. I’ve looked everywhere. Perhaps children’s clothing stores but not adults.

All the shirts I ever come across are rectangular shaped. Even the fitted ones don’t always fit me. If the shoulders fit then the lower half seems too big, and if the lower half of the shirt fits, the shoulders are too tight.

I think I’ll resort to ordering pants online from now on. I’ll just have to put up with buying without trying them on first.

And it doesn’t help that my mother would buy clothes that were a couple sizes bigger than me. “You’ll grow into it,” she’d say. “I’m already 23. I think I’ve stopped growing.”