More Home Improvement, Pictures and an End Table


Our apartment’s couch is almost finished. The last step is to staple gun the faux suede for the back cushion into place. I built an end table to accompany the couch and constructed a pallet-looking shelf to serve as a pot rack.

But the best addition to our living space has been my roommate Gary’s framed posters. He was nice enough to share eight of his family’s four-by-three foot long pictures of movie stars, singers, and baseball players with us. Now these gorgeous hardwood frames to decorate our spartan walls. Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Peter Lawford, Sammy Davis Jr., and Don and Michael Corleone now accompany us in our living room. Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Babe Ruth, Muhammad Ali, and The Beatles reside in the hallway.

Not only did I learn about the context of the various photos I wasn’t familiar with, but I also learned about molly and toggle bolts while buying supplies to hang them.

end table plans
Plans for an end table and the end table itself.
My plans for a pot rack.
Constructing the pallet-like shelf.
Drilling in the two toggle bolts
The shelf better be structurally sound. I did not just put two large holes in the wall for nothing.
finished attaching shelf to wall
At least it holds a drill
wire coat hangers for S-hooks
Wire coat hangers straightened and wrapped around a screw will hold the S-hooks.