When Routine Becomes Ritual


  • Wake up at 6:30AM.
  • Pound down a serving of Soylent since solid food will give me cramps in the pool.
  • Smell the chlorine. Try to put in at least 3,500 - 4,000 yards in the pool. My back and arms are now fatigued.
  • Say hi to Musa Kaleem Keita. Realize I’m talking to someone who personally knew prominent African Americans like Muhammed Ali and O.J. Simpson. Ask him if he’s seen the recent true crime show called “The People v. O.J. Simpson.” Realize after a few minutes of talking to Musa, that white and black America view the things very differently. Get reminded of Bill Clinton’s reaction to the O.J. Simpson verdict.
    • Americans see the world differently, generally, based on their race, that troubles me. I think the only answer to that is for us to spend more time listening to each other and try to put ourselves in each others shoes and understand why we see the world in different ways and keep trying to overcome that. I would say that even though it’s disturbing, we have succeeded so far in managing the world’s most multi-ethnic diverse democracy, better than a lot of countries that are smaller than we are with fewer differences. - Bill Clinton

  • Walk to Spotify and feel grateful I get to work at a company where I like what I do, my colleagues, and the company culture.
  • By Friday, all that swimming has made me a tight wad of nerves and flesh. Trudge down to a small Chinatown massage parlor where a masseur plies and kneads me until my muscles open up again.
  • Realize on the weekends that I’ve become the cheapest date on the planet. Refrain from more than one or two drinks since I remember that time I finished swimming at night, had one beer, and had a hangover the next morning.