Four Years of Working at Spotify, Four Years of Shared Values


I can’t believe it’s been four years since I started working at Spotify. Every Friday, the Technology, Product, and Design group at Spotify’s New York City office gathers to eat freshly catered snacks, introduce new hires, announce “wins of the week,” and commemorate the anniversaries of existing employees.

Last Friday was my turn to stand before the couple hundred members of TPD. It’s customary for people celebrating their employment anniversaries to speak about their favorite Spotify memory. I don’t get many chances to address so many of my colleagues at once. So I took this opportunity to prepare a short statement. It went something like this.

What’s my favorite Spotify memory? I have a hard time with this question because I don’t have a good answer. There’s so many.

I find another question more interesting. That question is, “What, after four years, makes me look forward to getting up every weekday morning and working at Spotify?” Four years is a long time to be doing anything continuously.

I can tell you what’s not the main reason. It’s not the snacks or perks or the amazing office. It’s not even Celebration X [Spotify’s massive 10-year anniversary party in Stockholm]. These are all great things, but they’re not the main reason I show up everyday.

The main reason is values. I’ve never been at a place where I share so many values with my colleagues and the company. My teammates like Matt and Staffan and Mats share my values of hard work, competence, and personal responsibility (and beer). The company constantly strives to become a better version of itself through being risk-taking, passion, and compassion.

Every day is a new memory. Every day I feel blessed to be here working with all of you. Thank you.