Tai Mo Shan, Done


On the Wilson Trail heading south towards Lead Mine Pass
Here we are starting out on the hike towards Tai Mo Shan, aka Big Hat Mountain (大帽山).
Shing Mun Reservoir (城門水塘) and Kwai Chung (葵涌)
We soon get a great view of Shing Mun Reservoir (城門水塘) and Kwai Chung (葵涌).
Attacked by killer stinging insects
Disaster strikes early in the hike when, at this location, a vicious flying insect of some sort attacks three of us, yours truly included. I am stung in the back of the head, Alex above the ear, and Eugene in the calf. We all began scrambling down this hill, clutching our wounds and screaming for dear life.
pressing onwards
The hike goes on as there is no landing place for a helicopter rescue mission.
pollution or the end of the world?
Here we are halfway to the peak. I have no idea what Yipeng did to get this photo looking so pollution-ridden and apocalyptic. (Photo courtesy of Yipeng Huang)

We take our lunch break. By this point everyone is a little tired and, well, see for yourself…

before dried pomelo

But then, after lunch…

after dried pomelo
overlooking Tai Po District
Overlooking Tai Po District (大埔區). Some say the ribbed structures in the hills are ancient tea terraces.
abandoned military bases are fun
An abandoned military installation near Tai Mo Shan
trespassing is more fun
Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
searching for a way in
Hmm, how to get in?
still searching

abandoned military base
(Photo courtesy of Yipeng Huang)
grand view of Shek Kong
Overlooking Shek Kong (石岡)
(Photo courtesy of Yipeng Huang)
more decrepitude
(Photo courtesy of Yipeng Huang)
rules are made to be broken
Success! We find our way in.
exploration of abandoned military base
Time to explore.
what went down here?
Can you hear the screams of the souls of dead soldiers calling out to you from the walls?
scary hallway
Eugene walks down the scary hallway.

Yipeng entering the base
Yipeng being sucked through the door-of-no-return.
Tai Mo Shan, 3,140ft (957m) - done.
last view from Tai Mo Shan
One more marvelous view before heading back down.
sunblock break
Eugene, fearing his lily white skin will get sunburned, lathers on the sunblock.