If You Do Drugs, the Terrorists Win!


Who knew a mention in a Bwog post could lead to this?

My friend and I only sent it to Bwog as a joke. “Imagine if they actually post this,” my friend chuckled as he sent the e-mail.

They did, and it turns out people really to read about college students living in the utmost unhygenic conditions – literally swimming in their own piss.

While I have your fleeting attention, let me drop two numbers that caught my eye today and might amaze you as well: 106 million and 10,000. According to a classified C.I.A. report, $106 million is the amount of money the Taliban received in donations last year. I guess they throw posh fundraisers and have charitable donation drives. “If you call in with a pledge in the next ten minutes, we’ll give you a complimentary improvised explosive device!”

10,000 is the number of tons of illegal opium that opium-trafficking guerrillas in Afghanistan have secretly stockpiled – enough to satisfy every dope fiend in the world for 2 years. (Click here to learn how opium is made into heroin, morphine, oxycodone, etc.) That’s almost a quarter of the weight of the Titanic. This is a troubling number because the Taliban are financed by the opium farmers by charging a 10% tax, running a protection racket (think Mafia gangsters), having transit tariffs on opium paste as it’s smuggled out of the country, and getting paid by drug trafficking organizations.

These are uncertain times but one things for sure – we’re no longer in Kansas. A new PSA announcement idea for D.A.R.E. might be: “Kids, if you do drugs, the terrorists win!”