Should Young Adults Give a S**T About Health Care?


How much do I as a college kid know about health care reform? Despite the mass media coverage of the push to pass affordable, universal health care legislation, not much.

Jesus explains the health care industry.

I’ve been relying as a dependent on my parents’ employer-sponsored health plan. And as a student, my health care will last at least until I graduate. My parents’ coverage has caused me to remain ignorant about things such as co-pays, deductibles, PPOs, HMOs, etc. College graduates are one of the largest groups of uninsured Americans. “Health care? Pass. I’m going to buy me a stereo system.”

Before I started writing this article on health care reform, I couldn’t understand a single word of the thousands of pages of legislation. So I called my mom for help. After days of reading thousands of pages of reports by this committee and that organization and ringing up my mother so often she threatened to kick me off her plan if I didn’t stop bothering her, I think I have an idea of what’s going on.