Most Horrendous Gaffe Ever?


The president of a certain female liberal arts college once compared herself to the pope and the act of endorsing a political candidate to Jews devouring Christian babies.

I once had the privilege of sitting in on a meeting with fellow Spectator reporters who interviewed Judith Shapiro, Barnard College’s president at the time. President Shapiro offered us coffee, bagels, and pastries. Joining her for the meeting were several women including a couple of PR agents. They didn’t do their job.

When the interview turned to the subject of campaign contributions, I could tell Shapiro was reluctant to talk. My editors, however, kept pressing her with questions. She declined several times to comment as she eyed the running voice recorder on the table. My colleagues must’ve known she’d crack.

“If the pope should decide to say that Jews do sometimes eat Christian babies, but ‘I am not speaking as the pope when I say that,’ you’re never not speaking as the pope,” President Shapiro said of her personal politics reflecting upon those of the college she represents.

To make matters worse, CBS news picked up the story.

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