Sane Person’s Sleep Schedule vs Insane Person’s


For his semester-end statistics project, my suitemate presented the data he collected on his sleeping schedule. His sleep schedule, among his friends, is cause for either concern about his psychological well-being or reason to suspect he puts on a cape and mask and does crazy shit during ungodly hours.

That’s why I was skeptical about his data when he showed them to me. “You are not this regular,” I said. “This actually looks like a normal person.”

“I can’t show my real data,” he replied.

“So you fudged it.”

“So my professor won’t think I’m crazy!”

Outraged that he falsified data, I set out to correct the record for the sake of science and posterity. Below is an average college student’s sleeping schedule. Days run horizontally while hours of the day are vertical beginning and ending at midnight. Solid, vertical lines represent the beginning of a Monday. Green areas represent time spent sleeping. Notice its cyclical nature. The typical college student sleeps earlier hours during weekdays when he/she may have 9am classes and later hours during weekends for parties and the pleasure of eating breakfast at 2pm.

A sane person’s sleep schedule

Now my suitemate’s sleep schedule:

An insane person’s sleep schedule

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