Scariest Photo You’ll Ever See


Facebook sent me an e-mail one day.

Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007

From: Facebook

To: David Xia

Subject: Facebook Warning

Hello. You uploaded a photo that violates our Terms of Use, and this photo has been removed. Among other things, photos containing nudity, drug use, or other obscene content are not allowed, nor are photos that attack an individual or group. Continued misuse of Facebook’s features could result in your account being disabled.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit our FAQ page at

The Facebook Team

I log onto Facebook and see this:

At this point I’m scratching my head wondering which of my many uploaded photos could’ve been construed as “nudity, drug use, or other obscene content.” I’m sure I’m not the only one guilty. I browse through my albums and see this:

Perhaps the best choice of title and description

There’s a big question mark for the album titled “Guess Who” with the tagline “Guess what and whose this is.” I posted a photo to see how many people could figure out what they were looking at. Below is the alleged “obscene photo.” It’s not that scary. Promise.

Okay, maybe it is rather frightening

This is a picture of a friend’s stomach taken sideways while he’s sitting down. I know what you’re thinking, “My crotch called. It wants its pubes back.”

Zuckerberg, you guessed wrong. I will not accept the accusation that this was a wrongfully posted “obscenity.” Like any good American, I stand by my right as a citizen of the US of A to upload to the Internet any navels I please no matter how pork-bellied, adipose-sporting, or hirsute.

Some notable reactions to this photo:

  • “That’s not ass because ass does not go in that many directions.” – Dan H
  • “It’s a four-leaved ass.” – Matt K