How to Improve Your Facebook Experience


For quite a while now I’ve logged onto Facebook only to close the tab five minutes later feeling unsatisfied. But until recently I couldn’t put my finger on why I consistently had an unpleasant experience. I slowly began to realize that one of the primary reasons was the Law of Internet Entropy.

The Law of Internet Entropy states, as my friend friend once told me, “Websites eventually become Craigslist.” There are many examples of online communities and websites losing their niche and eventually catering to broad interests. It takes energy to maintain a focused service and well-defined community.

How to Learn Stuff With Minimal Effort


Learning new things requires effort. After a long day at work, I just want to knock back some beers and watch Jersey Shore. But I found some simple steps to learn without feeling like it’s forced. I will be adding to this list over time.

Extra Coda Syntax Highlighting Modes (C, C++, Etc)


I was writing C code the other day in my favorite Mac OS X text editor Coda. But I noticed Coda lacked C and C syntax highlighting. Then I found this helpful post on how to add them in 6 simple steps.

  1. SubEthaEdit version 2.2
  2. Unzip the download, right click, select “Show Package Contents”
  3. Go to Contents > Resources > Modes, and copy the appropriate .mode files
  4. Right click on Coda and select “Show Package Contents”
  5. Go to Contents > Resources > Modes, and paste the mode files
  6. Check it works when you restart Coda

How to Write a 1920s Party Invitation


My friend Jonny is a time traveler from the Roaring Twenties. Today he taught me how to write a party invitation if I ever found myself in the Jazz Age.

You are invited…

Listen up you swell flyboys and Jane’s!

It’s an old-fashioned speak-easy, so bring your bootleg and giggle water. We’re looking for the finest dolls…you know a choice bit of calico but none of those dumb Doras. Don’t forget to be on the lookout for squirrels, we don’t need the law getting an earful of the fun.

I’ve got to scram for now, but this carousing is sure to be a cat’s meow.

Get ups: Fellas – A flat cap or fedora. Dolls – Cloche hat and bobbed hair

Address: The Gin Mill, or as some other fellas style it, 200 Oak Avenue Apt. 12, New York City

Time: Past sunset but ahead of the small hours, or as you flappers say, 10:30 PM

WordPress Brute Force Attack Script


The information provided on is to be used for educational purposes only. I’m not responsible for any misuse of this information. The following is meant to help you develop a cracking defensive attitude to prevent such attacks. In no way should you use this information to cause any kind of damage directly or indirectly.

I started writing a Python script for brute forcing WordPress’ login page. Then I found this script by PuRiCeL. I modified it a bit.

My Privileged and Precarious Life


I’m always painfully aware of how privileged my life is. I grew up in New England’s affluent suburbs as part of the upper middle class. I attended college at Columbia University with generous financial aid. And now I’m working in one of the few industries that’s aggressively hiring in a job position that’s seeing growth. There’s a stark contrast between my situation and those less fortunate around me. New York City’s current unemployment rate of 8% remains unchanged since a year ago. U.S. unemployment is 9.1%.

Right now there’s so much more demand for technical talent than supply of it that I wish I could wave a magic wand and turn idle construction workers, durable goods manufacturers, and fishermen into Ruby on Rails developers.

How to Color Code Mac OS Lion’s “Ls” Command


Stick this into your shell’s rc file. If you use bash, .bashrc. I use zsh, so .zshrc.

# make ls display colors, reinforce with CLICOLOR and LSCOLORS
export CLICOLOR=1

# a = black, b = red, c = green, d = brown, e = blue,
# f = magenta g = cyan, h = light gray, x = default
# lowercase is bold
export LSCOLORS=gxex

This particular LSCOLORS configuration makes directors bold cyan and sym links dark blue. All the rest are default.