Why My English Teacher Is So Cool


My younger brother Harvey, who has become a contributing blogger to this hopelessly doomed enterprise, has something to say about what makes an engaging teacher. Listen up all you boring professors.

Certain teachers stand out, especially ones who say,

Oh, there’s the word “breast” again. Haha, everyone see Michael sit up straight when I read it?

Columbia SIPA Follies 2009


Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs has a student group called Follies. My understanding is that they produce comedic videos for their annual shindig.

I was lucky enough to get involved, or rather enveloped in one, last semester. Minding my own business and trying to get some work done in the architectural catastrophe that is the SIPA building, I soon found myself as a backup dancer in a parody of Michael Jackon’s “Thriller.” Words cannot even begin…but perhaps the following Youtube video can.

5 Reasons You Should Watch HBO’s John Adams


Learning history is relearning history.

I didn’t know…

  1. storytelling could be so captivating. (“Captivating” here means four college guys inundated with work up to their eyeballs chose to stay up until 3AM watching the show.)

  2. Sam Adams, John’s firebrand cousin, is such a wanker in the beginning.

Shiny Social Bookmarking Buttons


Those of you who are returning visitors of this blog, yes, I am talking to all three of you out there, might notice something different here today. I’m not talking about any overhauls in the design or the layout. Hell, I’m not even talking about the content. As you can see, it’s still the same derivative drivel, hastily conceived and ill-thought out.

I’m talking about the shiny social bookmarking buttons at the bottom of the post. If the New York Times has them installed on their website, I can’t go wrong, right?

Columbia University Sensei Bonnie Baker


Ask Sensei Bonnie Baker about the Plexiglas® rod stowed up her sleeve and she’ll reply, “It’s for an art project,” but her karate students know what it’s really for.